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Morning Oatmeal: Opening Day Edition

Mariners opening day against the Rangers at 3;40 PT.  Head over to Lookout Landing for all the action, unless you want to be a loser like Nick, in which case you can go here.

Here's the sparse bit of news today:

  •  The Statesman Journal says that Justin Roper will get most of the snaps in spring ball.  This is unsurprising as Nate Costa, dubbed by Bellotti as the 'heir apparent', will not practice in contact drills.  Bellotti said that while Costa was the heir apparent, Roper is giving it a battle and "making things interesting."  I've said before that Costa will be a bad ass spread QB, but he's no Darron Thomas.  If Costa or Roper starts, I beg Bellotti to redshirt Thomas and not blow his redshirt for no reason (see Dixon, Dennis, who would be coming back this year if Bellotti didn't blow his redshirt to get him into one quarter of the game at Oklahoma).

Admittedly, its still very early and the RG hasn't come out yet.  If there are any more good links today, please post them in this thread.

Pac-10 news:

  •  Looks like Tony Bennett is staying at Washington State.  This is good for the conference, WSU is a basketball wasteland under most coaches.  Most people seem to think that he'll move on eventually, but if they can keep him around a few more seasons, they have a great chance of keeping him long term.