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Morning Oatmeal: Spring Practice Begins!

Well, spring practice starts today, so the last month of nothingness will come to an end.  The next month will tell us quite a bit, though it is unfortunate that Costa will be unable to participate fully.  But it will be good to see how the incoming players step up.

Football news:

Moseley has a good article in the Register-Guard today on the state of the team going into practices.  Last year at this time, the team had to "find itself."  This year, the leadership is in place, and the players are confident.  However, Bellotti is (rightly) skeptical.  10 starters must be replaced, and some untested guys will need to step up.  This definitely can happen, as we have talent at those positions, but will it?  We will begin to see during the spring practices.  

Also in the R-G today, is a solid run-down of who was lost and who was gained at each position.

Also, if you missed it, Moseley took a stab at the depth chart going into spring, which helps to give a good idea where everyone is at.

Pac-10 News:

Many of you already hear, but the Lopez twins going pro.  This isn't too surprising, and will make life in the Pac-10 that much easier.  

Also, yesterday Sunday Morning QB had a breakdown of 2007 Pac-10 football by the numbers.  In the end, that passing yardage had very little correlation to victory.  Even in the supposedly pass happy Pac-10, run offense and defense seemed to lead to victory.  I enjoy these articles and the numbers behind the game, so if you do as well, check it out.