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Morning Oatmeal: Thursday edition

There's not a lot out there this morning, but here's what I could find.

First, John Hunt has a piece on football fans upset with the loss of parking that will result from the new baseball stadium.  The stadium is expected to eliminate 400 parking spots, leaving around 2800.  In my opinion, the loss of parking is only a minor annoyance, even if it is a relatively high percentage (12.5%).  Adding the stadium to the Autzen complex seems like a no-brainer, in terms of utilizing all the resources that are currently in place.  Plus, the University already owns the land, which is not trivial considering both the cost of construction for the basketball arena and the land acquisition for that project, plus that baseball needs to be fast-tracked in order to open up play next spring.

Jacob May writes about the high schoolers who enroll early to join their collegiate football teams.  While still relatively rare, the practice appears to be growing pretty quickly.  May writes that some coaches welcome it while others discourage it, and Bellotti falls somewhere in the middle.

The Portland Tribune has a few notes on the football team, including Holland stating that his initial decision to sign with USC was wrong.  Bellotti also notes that Costa is ahead of schedule in his rehab, which is good news.  

As usual, feel free to post any interesting links you may come across in the comments section.

Update [2008-4-10 10:26:50 by ntrebon]:: And, it should not come as a surprise to anybody, but USC announced that OJ Mayo will sign with an agent and enter the NBA draft. In related news, Ben Howland denies reports that Love and Collison have decided to go pro.

Go Ducks!