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Weekend Oatmeal

A tradition unlike any other.....watching something else while CBS is showing the Masters.  Seriously, its golf people.

Sorry for no oatmeal yesterday, there wasn't much news until the evening.  

Lots of stuff regarding yesterday's scrimmage:

  •  The consensus is that we are learning three things in spring practice:  our quarterbacks are not progressing to the extent that we need them to be, LeGarrette Blount is a total badass, and the defense is going to be the strength of the team next season.  Don't expect the offensive domination we saw last year, as least early on from the quarterback position.  Look of a steady dose of JJ and Blount, and for our defense to pick up the slack.  Keep in mind that Costa, JJ, and Chung are not scrimmaging.  Moseley's story and the stats.  Hunt also checks in updating the Dorsainvil experiment.  He did tackle Blount in the scrimmage.  However, he doesn't yet have a quick enough reaction time to the snap, and therefore is delayed on his rush.
  •  The Ducks fell four points short of making adequate APR, but will avoid the loss of football scholarships due to continued improvement.  They have met the benchmark in each of the last three years, but its four year average that counts.  Having `04s rate no longer counting should mean that the Ducks have no problem meeting the criteria next year.  As you probably would expect, the basketball team is well above the benchmark, with one of the highest averages in the nation.

Pac-10 News: