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Morning Oatmeal: Spring Practice Day 1

Well, for the first time in a while, there is a ton of actual football news.  So let's jump in to it.

Football News:

I'll start out with the bad.  Derrick Jones wasn't there, and isn't enrolled in Spring Term.  This should not come as a surprise, but I am quite disappointed.  This kid just cannot get it together.  It's sad to see such a waste of talent, and I hope he can get his life in order, for his sake.  

Overall, on the first day, Bellotti seemed happy.  Good effort, not the best execution, which is not shocking.  Overall, things played out like you would expect, with the strengths being seen in our secondary.  Oh, and no one got hurt, so lets hope that continues.  Also, Moseley also has a 2-deep he put together from the first day observations.

The biggest story of the day was the Franz Dorsainvil experiment.  Moseley did a full RG article on this, so check that out.  It's a longshot, but if this works, hey, who doesn't want a 6'-8" 260 pound defensive lineman?

Rickert has a good round-up for Day 1, with the normal stuff, and a few extra observations.  Costa, Johnson, and Bacon will not take part in any contact over the spring, and LaGarrette Blount looks like the real deal, and could see the most growth over the spring.

And Duck Sports News has a great photo recap that will definitely get you excited.

Lastly, Dennis will be working out for NFL scouts on Thursday, and even has his own website now.  So check those out.

Update [2008-4-2 11:17:28 by jtlight]: The link on the Dixon story was updated to the longer version in today's Oregonian. It's a good long story on Dixon's progress. He definitely could impress, and seems to be doing well. The Oregonian also had the following video of Dixon working out.

Update [2008-4-2 11:10:24 by jtlight]: Another story that just came out today, Costa is confident that he will win the starting job. I'm glad he's showing the confidence, and I think it will be his in the end. Unlike many, I wasn't real impressed with Roper in the Sun Bowl. He was decent for sure, but not much above that. There was a reason the coaching staff said we would have won out last year had Costa been able to play. Also, this article has other observations on practice. Mainly, that there is lots of work to do, but that the team is at a good starting point.

Pac-10 News:

Well, hey, look at this, the Beavers might get a basketball coach!  Isn't that cute, they might be a Division 1 team after all.  However, I would disagree with the blogger linked.  The OS(U) basketball program is not "highly attractive."

Arizona Basketball is an absolute soap opera.  It's tough to figure out what's going on there, but it seems to me that Olson is losing it.  

I'm really not looking forward to seeing Locker in the Pac-10 for at least 2 more years.  
Some Fusky coach recently compared him to Tebow
.  August 30th will be a test, for sure.  H/t: The Wizard Of Odds