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Morning Oatmeal: Dave's A-Movin' Edition

My family moves into our new house this week, and its likely that I won't have internet access until next Monday.  This is likely to be my only post this week, FYI.

Now, here's the news:

  •  Nice article in the R-G  about former UO baseball coach Mel Krause.  Mel was the coach back when baseball was discontinued in 1981, and was instrumental in bringing it back.  Sadly, he has terminal cancer and likely won't live to see the first pitch.

That's about it for today.  I'll see if I can edge in a post or two at work this week, but if not, catch y'all Monday.



PS--for any of you who haven't bought a house yet, when your time comes, just expect that everything that can go wrong will.  Its a lot less stressful if you see it coming.  Just know that it all pulls together in the end.