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Early Afternoon Oatmeal: Defense Edition

Well, not a whole lot going on today, but here's what there is:

John Hunt does an excellent job today with his article on the Oregon defense.  The thing that stuck out the most in my mind, is that in years the Duck D has allowed less than 25 points per game under Bellotti  (6 seasons), Oregon is 58-15, with 9 win seasons each year.  When they allow more, they are 48-37 with no 9 win seasons.  This is pretty astounding actually, and shows, especially this season, how big of an impact the defense will have.

On top of that, I really like what I'm seeing and hearing from the guys on the defensive side of the ball.  They really stepped it up in the scrimmage, annihilating the offense, and they are confident.  Walter Thurmond (who has 2% body fat, by the way) said, "We want to be recognized as the best secondary in the nation."  Casey Matthews, only a sophomore, said, "We have the mentality that we're the best defense in the nation. We have no doubt about it."  That is some serious confidence.  The coaches and players are playing with pride and energy, with attention to detail, and it's only the spring.  If this continues through the season, and a few players step up, this could be a stellar defense.  

Scout also takes a look at the defensive backs and concludes that it could be a great strength.  This is a unit of playmakers, and if they play ½ as good as they want to be, we're in for a treat next season.

In practice last night, Moseley noted that the offense started to do a bit better, however, they have a long way to go to impress me.  The scrimmage this weekend was pathetic.  It's really unfortunate that we cannot see Costa play at all.

I'm not too worried about the offense though, especially considering we have Jeremiah Johnson coming back.  The Tribune had a profile on him today, and he's ready to take the load and the spotlight.  He and Blount will be another great Oregon tandem.

Also, ESPN has an excellent, and long, piece on Cameron Colvin, and his battling through adversity.  I hope he can get on a team, and is given a shot to play in the NFL.  It was sad to see his Oregon career end as it did.

In basketball news, Garrett Sim will sign with Oregon.

Lastly, in case you missed it, here's a pretty stupid video on the Oregon football program.  Some people are so clever!