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Afternoon Oatmeal: Mid Week Boringness

Well, not a whole lot going on today.

Sounds like practice was pretty ho-hum yesterday, which is to be expected.  There is one more practice, and then the Spring Game.

Schroeder's has a humorous column about the offensive line, and their calendar this year.  You should check it out for the picture alone.  He also has a blog post with some extra info on the guys in the trenches.  The calendar was thought up by an Oregon nutritionist to help keep the linemen in shape over the offseason, and they seem like the guys who love the spotlight when they get it.  I mean, who can forget Kendall on the Rome show last year.  

Moseley has an article today on Aaron Block, a walk-on fullback, who has been playing a much needed role this spring.  It's nice to hear stories like this, so give that a look.

Also, Bob Clark has an article on Garrett Sim, and his road to become a Duck.

If you find anything else of interest, leave it in the comments.