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Morning Oatmeal: Makeup edition

First off, apologies for yesterday.  My connection problems did not get completely resolved until last night.  Here's the interesting news over the last day and a half:

JC QB Jeremiah Masoli is apparently very interested in Oregon, and was in town this past weekend.  Last year, Masoli led the City College of San Francisco to a JC national championship, as he accounted for over 4,000 total yards ( ~3600 yards passing / ~450 yards rushing).  He is eligible to transfer this season after 1 year of JC, which I assume means he had 4 years to play 3.  I am just no sure what to think about this.  Is it a sign that the coaches are worried about how the QBs have looked this spring?

Moseley also gives us his abbreviated Thursday practice notes, which includes the note that Saturday's game will feature four 12-minute quarters.  It's a football game in April -- and I can't wait.

And, after weeks of reports that Stewart's draft stock was slipping, both Fox Sports and ESPN hint that it may be on the upswing.  While the first link is a first round mock draft, the second is an actual feature on Stewart -- so check it out.  

And, with Sim signing his agreement for financial aid, Kent is able to offer up his thoughts on the newest Duck.  The biggest non-surprise?  Porter will move back almost exclusively to shooting guard.  That sound you just heard was the collective sigh of relieve from Duck fans everywhere.  Reading between the lines, it seems like Tinsley may have been Kent's first choice, but the fact that Sim was ready to sign tipped the scale in his favor.    Bottom line, we now have moore talent and depth at that position.  

Finally, there are rumors that Kenny Payne is being courted by John Calipari to join the Memphis staff.  Payne was given a lot of credit for Oregon's recent success in Midwest recruiting.