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Morning Oatmeal: Spring Game/NFL Draft Day

Well, all the excitement of the last few months comes to a crescendo this afternoon.  10,000 fans are expected to take in the game today, between the green and the white teams.  This isn't quite up to SEC levels, by a longshot, but should still be a fun day for those that can be there.  Since I, and others, are relegated to not being able to see the game, leave your thoughts on what you see.

Also, here are the rosters for both teams today, and Moseley's game preview.

In other news for the day, it looks as we may have seen the last of Derrick Jones, who is no longer enrolled in Lane CC.  The kid had a ton of talent, but never could quite pull it together off the field.  

Also, the NFL draft starts in a few minutes, so hopefully J-Stew doesn't have a long wait.  Fentress at the Oregonian has a very long article today on Stewart, his decision to turn pro, and everything related to that.  

So, enjoy the day, and try not to think about the   almost interminable about of time between now and August 30th.  It's gonna be a long 4 months.