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Morning Oatmeal: Thursday edition

Well, it seems like a quiet morning out there on the news front.  I did find a couple of items.  If anyone has anything else newsworthy, feel free to post in the comments.

A little news on the basketball recruiting front.  Rickert has an update on the Tinsley recruitment.  Apparently, Tinsley has it narrowed down to seven schools -- with Oregon making the list.  Rickert also notes that Oregon remains in the running (albeit a longshot) for the class of 2009 point guard John Wall, who is regarded as the #1 overall PG by rivals.

Moseley's piece in the R-G today centers around the defense.  The Ducks led the conference in red zone stops and turnovers last season.  Repeating that feat would go a long to ensuring a strong 2008 season.

Update [2008-4-3 10:41:18 by ntrebon]:The Statesman Journal has a reminder about Dixon working out for NFL scouts today. It also includes a quote from Blount saying he told Stewart he was coming to Oregon whether Stewart left early for the NFL or not -- and that he likes the uniforms.

And, elsewhere in the Pac-10:

Despite all the rumors about Bill Grier taking over for the Beavers, OSU has yet to make anything official.

And, in case anyone hasn't heard, there are pics all over the web of Matt Leinart partying with some underage coeds.  Here's SMQ's post on the "story".  Apparently, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was not very pleased when the pics of his starting QB went public.