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Morning Oatmeal: End-of-the-week Edition

First, Dave posted his thoughts on Spring practice in the post below.  Definitely worth a read, so check it out.

In a similar spirit, Jason Vondersmith offers his own thoughts on Spring practice, which includes a look at Bo Thran.

Moseley's piece in the R-G focuses on the defensive line and linebackers.  In particular, he features three non-Frantz-Dorsainvil additions in second year players: Kenny Rowe, Terrell Turner and John Laidet.  Moseley also blogs about yesterday's practice and notes that today's practice will be the first in pads.  He also notes two true freshman who caught his eye.

Today's Oregonian has a recap of Dixon's workout yesterday.  According to the report, Dixon was sharp, though he still chose not to run a 40.  It'll be interesting to see where he goes in the draft.  I think a fifth round pick sounds about right.

In other Duck NFL news, Colvin got an invite to tryout for 49er camp.  I wish Cameron luck, and think it's great that he's getting some interest. Hopefully he'll have more success at the next level than he did collegiately.

Finally, ESPN Outside the Lines will feature Phil Knight this Sunday that looks into his influence on the athletic department.  I don't think it surprises anyone that Knight carries a lot of influence with the University.  The question is whether or not that is a good thing.  In a perfect world, I don't think you would want donors affecting policy.  However, multiple multi-million dollar gifts seem to come with some entitlement.  

Update [2008-4-4 10:46:0 by ntrebon]: Jared pointed out the idol chatter link in the comments. Apparently, it has some good information -- I am listening to it now.