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Morning Oatmeal: No News Edition

Lets see what's out there, cause it ain't much:

  •  Hoops recruit Drew Wiley will play in the Northwest Shootout tonight at 6PM in the Chiles Center, if you're in Portland with nothing to do.  Brad Tinsley, who is undediced but considering Oregon, will be playing as well.

Pac-10 News:

  •  UCLA's loss means we never have to see this again.  Thank goodness for that.
  •  No hot coaches seem to want the Oregon State job, so they are talking with IUPUI's Ron Hunter.  Somebody has to take this job eventually, right?  A lot of people are talking up Portland State's Ken Bone for this job, but the rumor is that OSU doens't want to go that route because the last PSU coach to go to OSU (Richie McKay) didn't work out very well.

That's it.  Slow news day.  I'll have something better up for your entertainment pleasure after my son goes to bed tonight.