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Morning Oatmeal

Not a whole lot going on today, but a few interesting items.

First, an update from spring practice.  Looks like Rowe is making an impact at middle linebacker, which is nice.  There were a few injuries, but nothing too big.  Also, though our young receivers have shown promise, they must get better at blocking.  It really can't be understated how important this is, and will be very important in determining how strong our offense is this fall.

With Kempt sitting a ways back on the depth chart, he's thinking about playing baseball.  I would imagine this could be a good move for Kempt, who had some interest from the Devil Rays a couple years ago.  He still wants to be the starting QB, but I just don't see that happening.

Oregon picked up it's 2nd commitment for the class of 2009, Taylor Hart.  He's a 6' 6" 245 pound defensive end.  So, that makes 2 commitments so far, both on the defensive line.  I can't argue with that.

The Phil Knight story on ESPN has had some people talking.  With the story as a whole, I don't know how much there really is to say.  We have a very influential donor, who gives a ridiculous amount of money to the school as a whole.  Kilkenny's job is to run the athletic department and, he has done a great job of that so far.  The entire relationship may seem like it breaks some unspoken rules, but I really appreciate Kilkenny's honesty on this topic.  As long as this kind of transparency continues, I see no issues whatsoever.

SI has a great article on Dennis Dixon's rehab.  I know that we all want to see the best for Dennis, and I think he can do some great things if given the opportunity.  I think he's got himself a very good agent, willing to do some new things with the internet, which will help him out greatly in the long run.  Also, this article got my thinking about one of the best plays in Duck history, so here ya go:

In Pac-10 news, James Montgomery transferring from Cal to WSU.  He had looked at Oregon a little, but will be headed elsewhere.

As always, leave any other links or comments below.  GO DUCKS!