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Morning Oatmeal: Half Week roundup

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Well, it's another boring week, and these should be commonplace for quite a while.  Here's what is around:

Max Unger was added to the Rimington trophy watch list.  He should have been added a while ago, but was somehow overlooked, but that mistake has been fixed.

There's also a good profile on Maarty Leunen from Draft  It takes a good look at how his skills will translate into the NBA game.  I think that he could end up with a solid career if he ended up on the right team, in the right situation, like Kyle Korver in Utah this year.

Around the Pac-10, UCLA and USC are getting a bit pissy after Slick Rick used "spoof" video against USC in recruiting.  Oh how entertaining it is to have Rick Neuheisel back in the conference.

Also, ASU is cutting a 3 sports for budgetary reasons: wrestling, swimming, and tennis.  This is despite ASU's significant success in wrestling over the past 25 years.  I guess we're not the only ones who can complain about sports cuts.