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Changes are Coming

First, I wanted to take a second to congratulate the track team, for winning their second Pac-10 Title in a row.

Second, I want to address the changes that are coming.  Many of you know that SBN has moved to a new blogging platform.  Most of our sites are already there, and we're looking at converting the remaining sites this week.  AtQ will be undergoing its conversion on Thursday, May 22nd.  Sometime on that day, there will be an extended downtime, after which the site will now be on SBN 2.0.

The long and short of it is that 2.0 rocks.  Lots of features that you will grow to love.  The bad news is that you will have to reregister for the site--but this new login will work for all SBN sites.  Remember, it takes like 20 seconds, so I hope that everyone will reregister.  If you haven't seen 2.0 yet, check out some of my favorite SBN blogs like Blazer's Edge or Lookout Landing.

We'll have more on those changes as they take effect, and you won't notice many of them until football starts.  But they will make this place 100% better.