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Morning Oatmeal: End-of-the-week edition

After the Masoli news yesterday, there wasn't a lot out there this morning.  Moseley has another article in today's Register-Guard on the newest Oregon QB, which includes some thoughts by Bellotti.  In particular, Bellotti commented on the fact that the starting QB position is still undecided:

A guy became available that we think can help us. I feel good that we have a solid group of young quarterbacks, but I also think that we've been looking to next season. The job is still somewhat unsettled, and this is a chance (to add) a young man who has experience both in the spread and some spread-option work, and has proven he's a very accurate passer and strong, formidable runner.

Moseley also reports that Masoli will be in Eugene in June to begin taking classes and participate in voluntary conditioning.  

In other news, Moseley also states in his blog that Bellotti had no comments on the transfer of Na'Derris Ward, which Moseley believes is an indication that things are not yet finalized.

Finally, Cory McCartney of lists LeGarrette Blount as one of the Spring's biggest winners.  (h/t to Moseley for the link)

As always, feel free to post any other interesting links that I either missed or come up later in the day to the comments.

Go Ducks!