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Morning Oatmeal: ATQ 2.0 edition

Well, as I am sure you have all noticed the upgrade was completed this morning -- and relatively painlessly, as far as I can tell. 

As has been the case lately, there's not a lot out there this morning.  The Portland Tribune does have a feature piece on Garrett Sim that is a good read.  Sim also stars on the track team for Sunset High as a triple and long jumper.  And, those skills appear to translate well to the basketball court as the 6'1" Sim can apparently throw down a windmill and a 360.  Not too shabby.

Moseley posted a few days ago about a former Oregon associate selling off their Holiday Bowl ring.  It sold for over $700. It appears the ring was bought by someone who deals in sports rings rather than an Oregon fan, which is unfortunate.

Finally, Moseley breaks down Bellotti's contract today in the Register-Guard, and includes how much a few of the other Pac-10 coaches are making.  Of the coaches listed, Bellotti makes significantly less than Carroll and Tedford, but more than Riley (and what Dorrell earned).