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Fuskies Delusional

Great stuff from Ty Willingham in an interview over at CBS Sports:

"We're going to win the next game. That's an awful big one because that's Oregon. We've got to get some things in place. I think we have maybe the best quarterback in the country. He's a great leader, a great person, a great player."

A coach guaranteeing a road rivalry game? I'm not saying that its completely out of the realm of possibility. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. But when your team hasn't managed to make even the Playtex Tampons Bowl since 2002 and you're on the hottest seat in the nation, where do you get off on making guarantees? The Huskies, coming off a 4-9 season where they ranked last in the conference in both total defense AND scoring defense, need to prove something before they start making guarantees. And since Ty has his own players and is actually getting worse, his getting shitcanned at the end of the season is all but a formality at this point.

Fusky fans expect that any day Washington is going to return to national prominence. What they fail to realize is that they have the second worst stadium in the league and have lost all the big time recruits in the state over the last few years (other than Jake Locker) because nobody takes them seriously. And nobody's taking Ty seriously, either. Coaches who are used to winning don't make guarantees.

In other Fusky news, Washington scheduled a home and home with LSU, starting with the 2009 season opener in Seattle. Nice to see LSU agreeing to actually travel somewhere, although it is a guaranteed win for them (come to Eugene or Los Angeles, Tigers) in a major media market. Normally, I wouldn't mind the Fuskies scheduling themselves into a blowout, except that you know some SEC fan out there is going to try to use the result as a sign of SEC dominance.