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Morning Oatmeal: 94 Days Until Football..........


A bit of news today:


Viney is transferring to Loyola-Marymount.  He speaks well of his time with the Ducks, but wanted to be closer to his family.  We wish Drew all the best at LMU.

We may not have varsity baseball until next year, but the club team is one win away from playing for a national title.  That would be nice momentum heading into next year, as a few of these guys will likely see themselves on the roster.

Rickert says that EK has offered HS junior Mike Moser, a 6-7 wing out of Grant in Portland.

And Steve Duin at the Oregonian admonishes UO for building an arena when they are short 900 dorm beds.  While he is a little overdramatic about it (as jtlight points out above), it does bring up the one criticism of the arena that I find legitimate.  Not only is the University short on dorm beds, but most of the ones that they do have are severely outdated.  The main three residence halls on campus--Bean, Hamilton, and Walton, are in need of major renovation (or, perhaps, complete rebuild).  The next challenge for UO will be to figure out how to make this happen, especially as the new arena will go toward the debt cap for bond purposes.  While the new arena is a necessity (Mac Court is on the verge of being condemned), fixing the dormitory crisis is a must.

Only 94 days until JJ runs all over the Huskies: