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Morning Oatmeal: 93 Days Until Football

Not a lot today, but here are a few bits (thanks as always to Duck Sports News ):

Stud linebacker recruit DeWitt Stuckey, rated the 13th best linebacker in the nation, has been arrested and charged with 5 felony counts in the beating of another student which resulted in a broken jaw.  I won't make judgments because I don't really know what happened, but, if Stuckey is guilty, the UO could withdraw his scholarship.  As I said, I won't pass judgment now, but if he did indeed do this, I'd hope that Bellotti would cut him loose.

Despite reports to the contrary yesterday, Mike Moser has not committed to Oregon, though he has been offered.

Finally, a bit about Bryce Taylor, who will be attending pre draft camp this weekend in hopes of being drafted.

And is there any place better than Autzen on a Saturday afternoon?