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Morning Oatmeal: 92 Days Until Football

Really slow news day, just a few entries of note:

The victim is unsure whether or not Dewitt Stuckey is responsible for the beating that left the victim with a broken jaw and Stuckey with multiple felony counts. Looks like we'll have to see how this plays out a bit before we pass judgment.

SEC coaches are looking to add an early signing day for recruits in November. This would not be good news for us. As there are very few D-1 recruits in the state of Oregon, we have to travel further to get in these living rooms. And I want my coaches concentrating more on winning games in November. Not to mention, with coaches having to concentrate on games during this time, it seems as if it would give the USCs, Texas', and Miami's, who have large numbers of recruits in their own urban areas, a huge advantage.

We'll go back in the vault for today's video. I've seen it a hundred times, but still don't get tired of it: