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Morning Oatmeal: Thursday edition

Well, not a whole lot of interesting Duck news out there (besides Dave announcing he's jumped off the college football playoff bandwagon - ugh).  Here's what's been happening over the last day or two.

There's been a lot published about the NCAA academic standards and how Oregon (and the rest of the Pac-10 have fared).  The only thing of interest (in my opinion) is that Derrick Jones may end up costing the Ducks a scholarship next year, as Moseley notes in his blog.  Basically, the Ducks need to have a four year average of 925 to avoid the loss, which means next year they need a score of 931.  For reference, they have scored a 934 and 931 in the last two years, so it seems like they have a decent shot of avoiding the penalty.

Also, in case you've missed it, Moseley has been doing the Writer's Block segment this week with Schroeder out of town.  Each day's segment can be found on the sidebar of his blog, and they are all worth checking out.

Finally, there were a couple of interesting articles in the Oregon Daily Emerald yesterday.  First, Kevin Hudson has a feature on walk-on wide receiver Elvis Akpla.  In other news, the Athletic Department is apparently going to start distributing student tickets online for football and men's basketball.  Also, there will be a set allotment of tickets for each class, with upperclassmen getting larger shares.  The tickets will also be associated with an ID card with students being penalized for obtaining a ticket and then not using it.