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Morning Oatmeal: 74 Days Until Football

One story that I want to hit on today.  Jay over at DSN talks about what he calls the 'inevitability' of a Pac-10 network.  The Big Ten Network is carried by most cable companies and satellite providers.  In fact, Comcast is the only major company not to jump on board.

Jay makes the argument that this is where the Pac-10 is headed.  I'll one up Jay--this is where all major conferences are headed.  Conferences will still get all their fees from ESPN/FSN etc for national network broadcasts, but, all regional programming would be shown to a national audience and the conference would generate fees from it (basically, this is the programming that is currently offered by OSN).  Its a win-win for fans, who get more college sports programming--as long as the cable and satellite companies don't balk at it.

I'm not sure that I want to pay for the ACC Network on my cable package, but it could work in much the way FSN does--you get you local network on your regional cable package, and could pay extra for a package of the other networks.

Now for a video.  Since we've been having too much fun with 2001 vids, lets hit another.  I give you "the Return" (thanks, Jared):


Now that school is out, I plan to be less lazy.  I'm working on the review of last year's Stanford game, and I hope to have one out a day until they're finished.  Then, its time to start looking at next season.  Yes, preview time is almost upon us--and real football isn't far behind.