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Morning Oatmeal: 87 Days Until Football

2.0 is great.  Since we've switched over, we've had Beaver trolls and now Fresno State trolls.  I'm surprised we haven't had any Husky trolls yet, but I guess no one wants to admit to being a Husky fan.  Can't say I blame them.  Here's the news:

I answered some questions for the excellent Purdue blog Off The Tracks.  T-Mill will return the favor when I get my previews going in July.

DeWitt Stuckey's saga appears to be over.  Shows that you need to be very careful about where and with whom you hang out with.

Sounds like Malik is improving his draft stock.

Finally, Steve Duin could learn something from Greg Bolt at the Register-Guard, who writes a responsible article about the UO housing crunch.

Here the video for today (special thanks to Jared on this one):