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Recruiting Update

Its really early in the recruiting season, but lets take a look at where we stand with commitments.  We have five current verbals (non-binding), but, remember, we ususally do better late in the season.  Eugene doesn't sound sexy like LA or Texas, so we often get a slew of verbals in November/December after people take their official visits.  Keep in mind, I don't have a subscription to any recruiting services, so my information is limited.  Here's what we've got so far:

Anthony Anderson

*** Defensive End

6'3" 224 lbs.

La Mesa, CA (Helix HS)

Anderson is rated as a three-star recruit by Rivals.  He is listed as a defensive end, although there is speculation that the Ducks are looking at him as a linebacker.  Rivals has him rated as the 55th ranked defensive end in the country. He also plays tight end for his high school, and Scout has him ranked as the #22 tight end of the country. However, it seems clear that we recruited him to play on the defensive side of the ball.

Mike Bowlin

NR Kicker

6'2" 180 lbs.

Alsio Viejo, CA (Aliso Niguel HS)

The services don't really rate kickers, but the thought is that Bowlin could be the best kicker in the country.  I am excited about this one. You don’t hear a lot about kickers, but it is so critical to have a good one.

Here is what ESPN had to say about Bowlin: (h/t Rickert)

Bowlin is a very good kicker. His kickoffs make it to the endzone on a regular basis. He has good tempo getting into the football and excellent leg extension. ppears to have a good touch on his on-side kicks; ball takes a good second bounce. Field goal technique is solid with two and a half step approach. Place kicks get up in the air quickly preventing the chance of getting blocked.

Myles Wade

***** Defensive End/Tackle

6'2" 320 lbs.

Portland, Oregon (Central Catholic HS, Arizona Western CC)

Wade originally committed to Oregon back in '07, but did not qualify academically. But he is a great talent who can play at either position on the defensive line. He'll have three years to play two at Oregon.

Trevor Fox

*** Offensive Guard

6'4" 293 lbs.

Temecula, CA (Chaparral HS)

Fox is the only offensive player we have picked up thus far. He has good size and, although only a three-star player, offensive line is a position where hard work and coachability goes a long, long way. His only other D-1 offer was from Arizona (remember, its early), but I trust Oregon all the way with offensive lineman (remember, guys like Schwartz and Unger didn't get any offers besides the Ducks, and they worked out pretty well).

Taylor Hart

*** Defensive End

6'6" 255 lbs.

Tualatin, OR (Tualatin HS)

Most years, there are only one or two recruits from the state of Oregon that the Ducks go after. This year, there are at least three, and Hart is the first one to sign. As you can see, this guy is big, and with decent speed for a guy his size (4.7 40). He won most outstading lineman at Oregon Football Camp, so he had a real chance to impress the coaches. Reportedly, he's a pass rush kind of guy, so you may be looking at Nick Reed's eventual replacement.

Sorry for the sparse info, but not dropping $100 for a Rivals subscription. But this isn't a bad early haul, especially on the defensive line. We've got a ton of interested prospects out there, inluded some of the highest rated in the country. Expect to hear more out of some of those guys as they take their official visits sometime during the season.


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