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Whiny Beaver Fans

First off, I want to apologize for my absence the past week.  Some unforseen computer issues have taken me completely offline since last Thursday, although we should have those fixed by now.

I want to discuss an issue that I had no intention of bringing up again, but whiny Beaver fans have started sniffling again.  I was listening to Gavin Dawson last night, and the topic (Ted Miller's claim about Oregon being hated), quickly devolved into the same old whine from Beaver fan "both teams have similar records over the past few years, why is Oregon so overrated and the Beavers so underrated" bullshit yawn yawn yadda yadda.  I guess we'll have to go over this again because Joe Beaver is too stupid to get it through his bucktooth skull.

For the sake of Beaver fan, I have put together a list of major reasons nobody gives a flying shit about Oregon State football:

1.  Your national perception is that of a loser.  I'll give you credit, you guys usually pull it together late, and end up with a decent record at season's end.  However, due to our mind-boggingly stupid TV contract, most of your national TV games are non-conference early in the season.  And those are the impression most people have of you.  Blown out by Cincinnati.  Blown out by Boise State.  Blown out by Louisville.  Drilled by Fresno State as SI's preseason #1.  In your one decent showing, you lost to LSU because you couldn't make 1/3 extra points.  Other than LSU, these aren't even great programs, and your getting drilled.  Also notice how none of these games are in Corvallis (can't get anyone to play in the Burrito?)

Meanwhile, these same national TV fans have seen Oregon beat Michigan twice, including one of the worst losses in Wolverine history.  We've beaten Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Fresno State five times in a row.  Yes, we always seem to blow a late season matchup with Arizona or Stanford, but national TV audiences see Oregon beat big teams.  They see OSU get drilled by mediocre ones.

2.  Nobody watches the (Las Vegas/Emerald/Insight Bowl).  Beaver fans, you've been to one bowl this decade that anyone really cares about (Fiesta, maybe Sun counts as a half, so 1.5).  Meanwhile, Oregon has been to a Fiesta, two Holiday's, and two Sun Bowls (so four, if you count the two Sun Bowls as a half each).  We've beaten Texas and Colorado, and played Oklahoma fairly even.  You did beat Notre Lame, to your credit but, lets be honest.  Does anybody give a damn that you beat Maryland in the Emerald Bowl, or New Mexico in the Vegas?  This is why we don't give a shit about the BYU game--nobody outside of Oregon or Utah even remembers it happened.

3.  Nobody has any reason to consider you a serious contender.  You're 1-2 almost beforet he season starts.  And that one win is often against (insert 1-AA foe here).  You can say what you want about Oregon's late season swoons (and, really, that's just the last two seasons, not some longstanding issue), but at least we are contenders at some point (see #2 in November last season).  We may have finished near the same point last year, but why should anyone talk about a team that barely squeaked into the top 25 at the end of the season.

That's really the long and short of it.  While finishing fourth in the conference every year is consistent, that is pretty much OSU's ceiling.  Oregon will have a down year from time to time where we finish fifth or sixth, but we are in competition for a conference championship on a regular basis.

Lets talk about the real issue here.  Again its Beaver jealousy.  Beavers jealous of our relationship with Phil Knight.  Beavers jealous of our facilities.  Beavers jealous of our uniforms (yes, jealous of our uniforms, your insults fall on deaf ears until you stop wearing orange sports bras.  I'd be jealous of anyone's uniforms if my team was wearing those).  Jealous, quite frankly, that we have more money, power, and influence than you.

Yes, the style helps us a bit.  But everything is better with substance.  We've beaten the cream of the college football crop on a national stage (Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan).  You've struggled against mediocre out of conference competition.  And, ultimately, its that, more than Phil Knight of giant billboards, that people take us seriously and think of you as the little brother.

The Emerald Bowl is cute, though.


--Dave (