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Okay Beaver Fans, I'll Stop Now

A little immature part of me likes to bait a Beaver fan every once in a while because it is so easy to do, I have Beaver friends whose skin I like to get underneath a bit, and they are so defensive.  It really is classic little brother syndrome.  However, to be fair,  here are my true thoughts on OSU:

1.  I root for OSU every time they're not playing us, unless a loss would help us in the standings.  They are Oregonians, and I generally want to see them do well.  I don't hate them.  But I never want to lose to them.

2.  I do see Oregon as the superior program.  That's not based on records, its based on the fact that we have better talent and are more nationally relevant.  Oregon is not an elite program.  We need to be in the BCS consistently to claim that.  But we are a good second tier program (a la Wisconsin/Va. Tech/Colorado).  I'm not sure that the Beavers have reached that level yet.

3.  I have a lot of respect for what OSU is able to do, but even Beaver fan has to admit that 1)they need to win a big road game, 2) they need to fill their stadium, and 3) they need to get a decent opponent to come to Reser.  Only when OSU starts winning big non-conference games on a regular basis (and getting home games, instead of whoring yourselves out to LSU and Penn State) is a part of that.  Maybe Oklahoma or Michigan won't come to Reser, but an Oklahoma State or an Iowa might be a good place to start.  In fact, maybe the fact that a Michigan or an Oklahoma will come to Autzen is the best verification of our claim.

I've got respect for your program, Beavs.  But you've got to do more to reach the next level.

In the meantime, I'll back off until Civil War week*

I reserve the right to change my mind if you lose big to Penn State.  Believe me, we're all rooting for you to win that game.