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Morning Oatmeal: 2 days until fall camp

Well everyone, the month of football is upon us, and camps around the nation are starting up. This morning, right about now in fact, the incoming players are registering for fall camp. We're very close. So here are some news features in the last 24 hours.

First, out of nowhere 4* JC Linebacker Tyrell Irvin is now on campus and registered for classes. I have no idea how this slipped through the cracks til now, but this is great news. He has 3 years to play 3, so he will most likely see the field this year.  He's 6'1", 220 lbs. and his father played in the CFL. It's said that he could play either middle or outside linebacker, which is a huge plus.

This is great news, considering our weakest position going into this season was linebacker. With the Garrett suspension, he will see the field early I would imagine. 

Also, Moseley had a round up on the Bellotti conference call, with some good information on the QB front, about how the practice will set up. It seems that the first two weeks will be open, with competition being "streamlined" after two weeks. The starting QB will most likely be set when the gameplan is finalized a week before the UW game.

Bellotti's main concerns are WR and DT, and made some comments about incoming players needing to pass academics. I'm worried about Thompson.  We need that depth at defensive tackle, so I hope he gets into Eugene sooner rather than later. While Bellotti didn't specifically mention him, that was probably one of the players he was referring to.

Have a good weekend everyone. 4 weeks until kickoff!