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Quarterback Controversy? (And other football notes)

We've all kind of figured since spring ball that Nate Costa was the starting quarterback.  In spite of Justin Roper's great bowl performance, Costa just always seemed to have more tools (namely, a pair of legs) that fit our offense.  That the coaching staff called him the 'heir apparent' did little to quell those thoughts.

So what are we to make of this?

Roper has apparently 'closed the gap' on Costa, and a decision will be made by the end of the week?  And he may even try to use Chris Harper, too?

My gut tells me that its still Costa's job to lose, and that this is to serve as a bit of motivation.  And, hell, if Roper wins the job and is the starter, I don't have a huge problem with that, either.

But if MB decides that he's unsure, and goes with the ol' two-QB system, I'm going to vomit.  Between the disaster of the Holiday Bowl, and letting Jason Fife leech playing time way too long, I've seen enough of the two QB system.  Pick a guy, and stay with him.  If he really sucks, go to the other guy.  But PLEASE don't rotate QBs in and out every other possession.

As for Harper, please redshirt him.  In talking with Jared, he mentioned the possibility of using Harper as a RB in trick plays where you can make him throw.  If that's all you want him for, use Crenshaw.  But wasting the redshirt this year strikes me as akin to putting Dixon in against Oklahoma "to see what he can do."  Without that, Dixon is our starting quarterback right now.

In other notes:

Could there be a controversy at punter as well?  I think this is just public praise for Taylor.  Syria is the best punter in a decade at Oregon, no way he's not the starter (though nice to hear that the future is doing so well).

Also, no Drew Davis for the Washington game as he just had a tonsillectomy.  Get well, Drew.


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