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9 Days to UW - Remembering 1988

Only 9 Days until our team takes the field under the lights at Autzen to take on the Huskies. Now, we've talked about the game itself, and we've been thinking about the matchups and all that for some time. So over the next week, let's take a look at some of the great plays of the rivalry.

I'm gonna kick things off in 1988. In Musgrave's sophomore year, Oregon had a nice 5-1 record going into the Washington game, but were still underdogs against a ranked Husky team led by Don James.

But Oregon held in there most of the game, making enough plays to stay in it, and got the ball down 10-14 with little time left. Musgrave led the team deep into Husky and the team found themselves in a 4th and 1 situation at the 5 yard line. With star backs Derick Loville and Latin Berry, everyone expected the dive, but OC Bob Toledo (yes, this was a loooong time ago) called the reverse, the 49 special to Terry Obee, and magic happened:

Pandemonium ensued. I grew up hearing about this play from my dad, and this was one of the first big breakthroughs against the Huskies after years of domination.

Unfortunately, this would be the last win of the 1988 season. In the next game, Musgrave broke his collerbone and the season was effectively over. If not for that, this play could be rememberred in the same vein as another famous play from 1994.