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BREAKING: Costa suffers "potentially serious" knee injury

95.5 the game just came out with breaking news that Nate Costa suffered a knee injury in practice last night.  They didn't know which knee or the severity, but said that an athletic department source described it as "potentially serious."  They'll get more from Bellotti in a conference call tonight.

The first thought is last year, and if Nate reinjured his ACL.  I hope that's not the case.  But, with a bit over a week until the Husky game, I hope that Roper's ready.

I'm glued to the computer and radio on this.  The moment I get anything, it'll go right up.

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[UPDATE] Ducks Attack wonders if this is a hoax, as they've been unable to get confirmation from the athletic department.  He also cites lack of updates by Moseley, etc.  I hear Moseley's out of town.  And athletic department officials can't comment publicly on injury matters (only coaches with player consent).  I can tell you that Jay Allen is the longtime sports director at KXL/95.5, and he broke this himself.  He has inside sources, and a ton on the line.  There is no way this is a hoax, and, if it is, I would be beyond shocked.


[UPDATE]: Moseley confirms an "incident".  Also says there will be more info as it becomes available.


[UPDATE]: Moseley and 1320 the score are reporting that Costa has injured the same knee that was surgically repaired last year. Good news is that he finished out the practice and then discussed this with the coaches. From what we've heard, he will be getting an MRI tonight. However, Oregon's orthopedic surgeon is out of town, so results may not be back until Sunday. At this point, we don't know the extent of this. It could be very serious, or quite minor. He won't be playing for at least a few days.