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Jersey Contest: Week One

You know the drill, same as last year.  Five games to pick a week, have your picks in by 11:59 PT on Friday.  Post your picks in the comments section of this page.  Person with the most correct picks at the end of the regular season wins a free Duck football jersey.  Should there be a tie, we will have a special tiebreaker bowl edition.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Beware, there are no byes, so if you miss a week, it puts you at a severe disadvantage.  If you weren't here last year and have any questions, place them in the comments section.  You're picking straight up winners, no spreads involved.  Here are the games for week one:

Utah at Michigan

Illinois at Missouri

Alabama at Clemson

Michigan State at California

Fresno State at Rutgers

Good luck.



PS--I'm still making final decisions on who to invite to blog.  We've had so many good applicants.  Everyone who applied will get a reply email.  Thanks for your patience.