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5 Days to UW - Remembering 1995

This week we're gonna be running down some of our best memories of the Oregon-Washington rivarly in the lead-up to game day.

Today we look back to 1995. Oregon had not won in Seattle in 15 years. But after the previous years victory, and with a 6-2 record, things were looking good.

And then, on the opening kickoff, Patrick Johnson made his first mark on Seattle, breaking a return outside after he had been stuffed and taking it to the house.

With that spark, the Oregon offense, led by Tony Grazinai would roll up over 300 yards and 17 more points to take a 24-0 halftime lead.

Yet, in the second half this lead would dwindle as the Ducks couldn't put any more points on the board. Washington closed the score to 24-22 and had a chance to take the lead, but Husky John Wales missed his 3rd FG of the day with 1:06 left, and Tony Graziani knelt the ball the run out the clock.

Oregon was able to escape Seattle with its first win since 1980, and that win was key in their Cotton Bowl birth, which angered Husky coach Jim Lambright, making this a sweet victory indeed.

5 days left! GO DUCKS!