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4 Days to UW - Remembering 1997

Another day, another great moment from the UW rivalry.

1997 wasn't going as planned. After a 3-0 start, Oregon found itself at 4-4, teetering on the edge of a winning season. Oregon needed a victory over the No. 4 ranked Huskies in Seattle. With time running down, Oregon was down by 4, 28-24, and drove into Husky territory. But Patrick Johnson and Akili Smith made a play that would define the season. Both had been questionable:  Johnson battling drops and Akili unable to really beat out Jason Maas. But at 3rd and 20 with the season on the line, they came up with one of the most beautiful throws and catches in UO history.

Smith, defying coach's orders, threw a perfect pass to where only Johnson could get it. Johnson then made a perfect catch, laying out to get it in the Husky end zone.

Not only was this a huge win that made the season, but it was also that much better that it knocked off a highly ranked Husky team in Seattle.

4 more days! GO DUCKS!

Also, here's a video recap on this game, with a different view of Johnson's catch, narrated by Jerry Allen.