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Day 1 Roundup

I always feel that the first day of anything is always kind of a letdown, especially being in Chicago. Its supposed to be a day where exciting things happen, but it rarely works that way. And today wasn't much different. Despite some pictures, not a ton happened, which isn't all that bad.

In reality, this is where it all continues from the hard work of spring and summer. And I think these Ducks are off on the right foot. While we have a few questions, especially with the QB, we're gonna to have to wait some time to actually see what happens.

So, Bellotti started the day off on the right foot, I felt, in his press conference.  He laid a lot of the groundwork, and he, as always, is ready for what lies ahead. I think one of the strengths of this season will be the coaching staff. Bellotti is a calming influence on the program, and a good coach to boot, and he has quality coaches at just about every position. While most Duck fans would be wary of Nick Aliotti, he has the defense that is perfect for him, which can defend the pass on its own, and rush the passer with the D-line. He's gonna have some fun this season. For the rest of the coaching staff, I have full confidence in Kelly and just every position coach.  There are no weaknesses.

For the players, it's exciting just to see them in action.

As far as the actual practice went, I couldn't tell you. But Jason Vondersmith had some great quick hit info from the first day. And Moseley is the man as always, with a ton of information.

There is a lot of informatio to digest, so give it a read. Overall, it's only one day.  D-line is a concern, though Stevens looked good, despite my unhappieness over the move (I want him for Center!). And at QB, we have a ton of talent.  Masoli looked good, so we may have some fun on our hands. Hopefully not though.

Anyway, here's to an incredibly uneventful next 3 1/2 weeks! Football is back! Enjoy it!