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Purdue Postgame Thread


Ugly, ugly game on the road.  But I'll definitely take the win.  And, man, did the Pac-10 need it after the disasters that were Cal and UCLA today.

Couple of quick thoughts:

Our offense isn't as far along as we'd hoped it was.  Dropped balls and bad turnovers almost led to disaster.  This will have to improve if we have any hopes of acheiving our goals this year.

Defense stepped up huge.  The only time they were really terrible was on the opening 80 yard run.  But they really stepped up and had a great rest of the game, in spite of some adversity (turnovers, bad kickoff).

Jairus Byrd & LaGarette are the superstars of the game!  Woot!

The offensive line was disappointing today.  Very little push on the Purdue defenders.  I don't think this will continue.

But, in the end, we won.  Now, we just have to wonder how bad the injuries to Johnson and, especially Roper, are.   Forgive me if I don't feel to optimistic when I hear "knee injury" in regards to our quarterback.  Hopefully, he's okay.

I'll try to have something more substantial up tonight or tomorrow, but, for now, I want to watch more football.

--Dave (