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Putting out some feelers......

Our community is beyond awesome.  Having talked about some ideas with a few folks, I want to put some feelers aroud out there to see if there are some things we'd be interested in.  Feel free to add your own ideas if you have some:

1.  T-Shirts.  I've gotten a few requests over email the last few months for some ATQ tee shirts.  If there is legitimate interest in this, I can look into having some printed up, or maybe doing some kind of online shop or something.

2.  A group event.  The other blogs on this network that I'm a member of, Blazers Edge and Lookout Landing, do a group meetup event at least once a year.  This takes place at a game, though, sometimes, there is something before/after (LL usually plays football or softball).  Football games are obviously out for this idea, as the season sells out well in advance, but we could look at getting some group tickets for Pape Jam in Portland, or one of the basketball games over Christmas Break (Portland or LBSU).

Let me know if there is any interest in these, or if anyone has any other ideas.  If there is sufficient interest, we can start poking around to make things happen.


--Dave (