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ATQ Week 1 Blogpoll Ballot

Ah, week 1, bringer of so much joy, yet you tell us very little. Here's a few things we did learn.

  • The ACC is truly pathetic. The vaunted Clemson rushing attack couldn't do anything. Virginia Tech lost on their specialty, special team. When your best conference win is over Baylor by only 3 touchdowns, that is not good news.
  • If you can't run the ball, you will have a very hard time winning. Two of the teams that I dropped out (Oregon State and Clemson) couldn't move the ball on the ground. Oregon State had other things go wrong, but if they had controlled the line as they should have, they would have won. Clemson had 0 net yards on the ground. Both are no longer in my top 25.
  • Missouri can score some points. The main question now is, will they be able to stop anyone?
  • UCLA will be very interesting this year. Their defense did a great job, but we'll see how their offense fares over more than a single half, against an opponent that can actually take advantage of opportunities.

Overall, it was a fun week. It was good to see Fresno State and Utah win, though I expected both to. Cal wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped. Southern Cal looked incredible, albeit against an ACC team. Oregon looked great, though it wasn't much of a test (I'll get into that more later). But, football is back. All of this is sure to shake out over the next few weeks and months.

Note that all of the deltas below do not show changes from last weeks Preseason ballot, as that was submitted late. All deltas will be correct for later weeks.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 25
2 Oklahoma 24
3 Ohio State 23
4 Florida 22
5 Georgia 21
6 LSU 20
7 Missouri 19
8 Texas 18
9 Penn State 17
10 West Virginia 16
11 Auburn 15
12 Texas Tech 14
13 Oregon 13
14 South Florida 12
15 California 11
16 Arizona State 10
17 Alabama 9
18 Kansas 8
19 Brigham Young 7
20 Wisconsin 6
21 Utah 5
22 Fresno State 4
23 South Carolina 3
24 Boise State 2
25 UCLA 1
Dropped Out:

If you think I've made an egregious oversights, or have any other comments, leave 'em below.