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Instant Reaction: Boise State

I have never felt so OK with a loss. In fact, I feel much better about this loss than the Purdue win. Our defense could not defend play action or anything else for most of the game. Our offense could not pass the ball for 3 quarters.

But, we saw a quarterback that could pass the ball where he needed to. We saw a freshman QB almost bring the team back from 24 points down in the 4th quarter.

The effort for the first 3 quarters was pathetic. But there are positives to take from this game. We finally saw a QB who can actually hit the passes he has to. Everyone knew he was going to pass, and he hit them anyway. It would have been fun to see us run the ball when we had a passing threat.

If we can actually pass the ball down the field in the next few games, we should be in decent shape offensively. And if our offense can not suck, our defense should be A-OK.

So, here's to the future. Have a great evening Duck fans. And go Pac-10.

-jtlight and ntrebon

[UPDATE] Props to Boise State. They did exactly what they needed to do to win the football game. Unlike Purdue, they took advantage of mistakes. Good luck to them the rest of the year.