Don't hang your head


At the beginning of the season, and when I say beginning I mean when I feverously made a habit of reading every shred of recruiting information and visiting the Eugene RG blog on average five times a day, I also made a resolution to not go insane on game days and on Sundays after losses. I won’t lie, there were some outbursts yesterday rife with blasphemies that were most likely heard throughout Brooklyn. But in accord with my resolution to be calm and collected after a tough loss, here are a few thoughts. Feel free to poke holes in my release therapy. -- I’m willing to give Chip Kelly the benefit of the doubt…this time. If I see that damn option sweep more than ten times in The Palouse next week I might raise an eyebrow. I have to believe that play calling is going to change. Period. -- Darron Thomas was not playing over his head. Well, not entirely. It’s a tall order to bring a kid in, only a few months removed from high school, to attempt to lead his team back. Part of me knows that his play came from an attitude of "nothing to lose" the other part, his confidence, coolness, and a good looking ball gives me chills. Don’t be afraid DT to use those legs. Further quarterback talks anyone? -- Ducks showed some resiliency, again. But it was too little too late. I think this is best illustrated in not only the late game push but Chung’s second half kick return that almost broke. He almost willed himself into the end zone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run faster. -- Anyone who has been around me on game day knows my superstitions. And although I never been one to transfer those ideas to uniforms, it might be time to shelve the grellow hats for a couple weeks. -- In most football games, and particularly college games one can almost always count on some kind of break (fumble, pick, huge return, a bullshit pass interference call that should have gone your way, et cetera). Didn’t see a lot of those for the ducks. -- Finally, after a tough week the Ducks will collect themselves. The resiliency will carry over, LGB will grind his teeth all week— look out Wazzu.