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ATQ Week 4 Pac 10 Power Poll and BlogPoll

Well, another week, and more Pac-10 embarrassment. But hey, we're pretty much in conference play now, so good news for everyone. Here's this weeks Pac-10 power poll. The state of the conference is not great right now, but hopefully it'll get better. There is talent around. Time for some teams to step up.

  1. USC: duh.
  2. Cal: They didn't lose this week! At this point, they are about even with Oregon in terms of results. MSU at home is similar to Purdue on the road. Maryland on the road is similar to BSU at home. I think Oregon has more overall talent, but Cal has less questions at QB.
  3. Oregon: A pathetic effort to a WAC team though should have resulted in a worse loss should drop you more than a spot in most power polls. But this is Pac-10 football baby!
  4. ASU: At this point, I don't want them this high. They were dominated by Geogia, but the loss to UNLV is way worse. But there isn't anyone else that I can warrant being above them.
  5. Arizona: Besides the game to New Mexico, they haven't been too bad. We'll see what happens when they play some real teams.
  6. OSU: They have done exactly nothing so far this year. The loss to Stanford will seriously hurt their chances to end up in the upper half of the Pac-10 if they don't improve very fast, and they looked really, truly terrible against the only decent team they've faced. Also, a 1-4 start is probable at this point.
  7. Stanford: They are already 1-1 in conference play and have won a game they probably shouldn't. They're a bit better than anticipated, but still not that great.
  8. UCLA: Holy crap. UCLA is absolutely terrible. How did they pull of a win against Tennessee. That now seems like a very long time ago.
  9. Washington: They almost beat a team non-Big Sky team. And they have a QB. Those are the only things keeping them from #10.
  10. Washington State: Poor Wazzu. Hang in there CougCenter.

The Blogpoll ballot this week is not very exciting, with only USC from the Pac-10 on the ballot. The full ballot is after the jump, so leave your thoughts in the comments.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Georgia --
4 Florida 1
5 Missouri 1
6 LSU --
7 Penn State --
8 South Florida --
9 Wisconsin --
10 Texas --
11 Alabama --
12 Brigham Young --
13 Texas Tech 1
14 Boise State 8
15 Utah 1
16 Auburn 3
17 Wake Forest 3
18 Ohio State --
19 Kansas 2
20 Nebraska 1
21 Fresno State 3
22 Vanderbilt 4
23 TCU 3
24 Michigan State 2
25 East Carolina 12


Dropped Out: Oregon (#15), Florida State (#23), Oklahoma State (#25).