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Eddie Pleasant lacks judgment

By now, you've heard of the street racing incident involving Eddie Pleasant, Darron Thomas, and Jamere Holland, in which a car driven by Pleasant. The car struck a minivan carrying an infant, who fortunately wasn't hurt, though the mother had to have stitches. No serious injuries on the Duck side, though Pleasant had 75 stitches, and Holland suffered a consussion. Due to their injuries, Pleasant and Holland won't be going to WSU this weekend, though Thomas escaped unharmed.

Lets get this out of the way: Eddie Pleasant is an idiot. He deserves a multiple game suspension for putting his, his teammates, and the lives of the people in that minivan in danger. The question I have is to what extent are Thomas and Holland culpable. Because if Thomas and Holland didn't step up to try to dissuade Pleasant from racing, they deserve punishment as well.

Bellotti seems fairly convinced that this was Pleasant acting on his own. If this means that Holland and Thomas warned him and he still did it, then punishment should be twice as severe. But if Thomas and Holland turned a blind eye, they are not the innocent bystanders that Bellotti claims them to be.

Obviously, MB knows more about this then I do, and I trust his judgment, and that he will do the right thing. But punishment for the guilty should be quick and severe. These kind of things cannot be tolerated.

[UPDATE by jtlight]: