Pac 10 v SEC: Some more facts

So we out here in the west know how talented the Pac 10 is, but very rarely do we get the respect we deserve. Bruce Feldman wrote an article today on his blog and he had some interesting stuff about the Pac 10 vs the SEC. Check it out:


• More grist for the SEC nonconference scheduling debate. This time from Jon Solomon:

"Besides losing a payday, leaving home means this harsh reality for the SEC: It's pretty mediocre on the road. Since 1998, the SEC is 40-39 in nonconference road games. That mark drops to 24-31 at schools from BCS conferences. The Pac-10, which SEC fans conveniently shoo aside, is now 10-6 this decade against the SEC. Whereas the SEC is 1-6 at Pac-10 schools, the Pac-10 has gone 4-5 at SEC stadiums."

As I said the other day, I do believe that the SEC is the toughest conference in college football. "Believe" being the operative word. And while it is true that the league has won the past two BCS titles, these head-to-head games should carry some weight.

The Heisman Pundit weighed in on this subject recently and raised a valid point.

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