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Jersey Contest: Blogger Picks

Wow, so it wasn't my intention to post this so late, but it beats the 11:59 deadline, so its fair game.  Here are our picks:

Oregon State (0-1) at #22 Penn State (1-0)

Dave:  Penn State

Beavers + Road + September + National TV = Loss.

Jared:  Penn State

Penn State, though not the strongest in the secondary, has one of the best defensive lines in the nation. This will stop the OSU run and get pressure on Moevoa, which is a disaster waiting to happen. On the other side of the ball, PSU should be able to run the ball with ease. This may become a story for the OSU season...

Nick:  Penn State

Moevao throwing the ball 50+ times a game is not a recipe for success -- OSU needs more production on the ground.  While the OSU defense did a fine job against Stanford in limiting them to 300 total yards, 200+ came on the ground.  If their rush defense does not improve this weekend, it will make for a long day for Beaver Nation.  After Stanford, there are too many questions for OSU.

#8 West Virginia (1-0)  vs. East Carolina (1-0)

Dave:  West Virginia

I have to admit, I don't feel great about this pick.  I saw about half of the East Carolina game last week, and they're legit.  But WVU is a far greater team than a prerennially overrated VT.  I think it will be really close, but I don't see the PIrates stopping Pat White and Noel Devine.

Jared:  West Virginia

East Carolina won a big upset last week, and may be able to run with WVU for a bit. But WVU's offense is light years ahead of VTs.  WVU should be able to move the ball, and get enough stops to pull it out.

Nick:  WVU (and I think they cover the 8-10 point spread, too).

East Carolina comes off an upset of VT and gets a shot at the suspect WVU defense.  To beat VT, ECU senior QB Pinkney was almost perfect (19-23) and they still needed a block punt to pull it off.  Even if they repeat all that, White and Devine will be too much this week.

Ole Miss (1-0) at #23 Wake Forest (1-0)

Dave:  Wake Forest

In all honesty, I don't know crap about either of these teams.  But 'Demon Deacons' is such a badass mascot, how can I pick against that?

Jared:  Wake Forest

Ole miss is getting a small amount of buzz if you listen closely, but have some injury issues, and Wake Forest may be the best team in the ACC (ok, so that means nothing). I think this is a close game, but Wake Forest is a slightly better team in just about every way, and pull it out.

Nick:  Wake Forest

Wake Forest boasts a strong defense and super efficient QB Riley Skinner.  On the flip side, Ole Miss is breaking in a new QB this year who despite coming off a lopsided win last week had underwhelming final numbers (10/22, 185 yard, 2/0 TD/INT).  Look for Wake Forest to hold onto the tile of "Sole Ranked ACC Team Not to Crap the Bed in 2008" (or SRACCTNCB2008) for at least another week.

Georgia Tech (1-0) at Boston College (1-0)

Dave:  Boston College

Dammit Dave, why all the crap ACC games?  Boston College is the most consistent team in the ACC.  Plus, back in the day, when I played NCAA Basketball on my SNES (and the damn game didn't have any Pac-10 teams), I'd always be Boston College for some reason.  I know--I've really done my research on the last two.  I've tried, but researching the ACC is like taking a class from the philosophy department.  You avoid it at all costs, because you've wasted your time and energy filling your brain with useless shit.

Jared:  Georgia Tech

BC may be a better team, but they don't have a chance. The double Coulter/Krugman curse cannot be avoided.

Nick:  Boston College

Georgia Tech's new triple option offense had no problems dispatching Jacksonville State in week 1.  But, mixed in with their 41 points scored were 5 fumbles (2 lost) and 2 missed field goals.  This early into GT's switch to the triple option, BC's defense should have no problem keeping it under control.  Look for BC to grind this one out on the ground.

Minnesota at Bowling Green

Dave:  Bowling Green

The Big Eleven's suckitude meter is surpassed only by the ACC, and Minnesota is one of the worst teams in the conference.  Meanwhile, BGSU showed their mettle on the road by setting the 'stache on the road to a firing.  At home, BGSU makes it 2 for 2 vs. BCS conference teams.

Jared:  Bowling Green

Minnesota was one of the worst teams in the nation last year. They barely beat Northern Illinois last year. Bowling Green has a solid team and won a big upset last week. They should win here as well.

Nick:  Bowling Green

Bowling Green is coming off an upset at Pitt that was fueled by 4 takeaways on defense.  If the defense does not remain that opportunistic, they will have problems at Boise State.  Thankfully, Minnesota is not that good (coming off a last minute victory against Northern Illinois).  This game will be close, but I like Bowling Green.

That's all she wrote.  Sorry, guys, but it was a bad, bad week for games.  I'll try not to have two games involving ACC teams again, or I may stab my own eye out with a fork.