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Jersey Contest: Week Three

Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to say about Utah State, as I didn't see the game, though make sure to check out butthol's diary on the subject.

As Nick mentioned below, Jared created a nifty little spreadsheet in order to make it so that it doens't take 4 1/2 hours to tabulate the scoreboard.  However, for it to work, everyone needs to make their entries the same.  If one person says West Virginia, another says W. Virginia, another says WVU, and another says w virg, then the thing doesn't work.  So lets try to use the name the way I have listed it in the options, and it will make it a ton easier for everyone.

Here are the selections to be made:


Hawaii at Oregon State

Michigan at Notre Dame

Ohio State at USC

Wisconsin at Fresno State

Happy picking!


[UPDATE by jtlight]: Hey everyone, one other thing, if you could manually enter your screen name, directly above your picks, so the text of the comment would read like this...

Oregon State
Notre Dame
Fresno State

...that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!