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Future Coach Kelly won't retain coaches Gray, Plfugrad

According to Moseley, defensive line coach Michael Gray, and receivers coach Robin Pflugrad won't be retained when we takes over as head coach.

This is from Bellotti himself, who has given this OK to Kelly. However, the tenure of coach Aliotti remains "solid." There are said to be others close to Kelly that would take over those positions.

This will most likely come as a surprise to many, considering there were no rumblings concerning these position coaches.

Personally, I don't think many fans, myself included, can really critique this move. The coaching positions are far enough down the ladder that their impact won't be incredible, especially if Kelly already has candidates in mind.

But this means two important things. First, Kelly is starting to have a say in the make up of the coaching staff. That this is happening earlier rather than later is good, getting his feet wet while Bellotti is still around. Second, these are moves on both offense and defense. While I am a full Bellotti supporter, he has at times neglected the defense. I am glad that early on, Kelly is taking an active interest.

What should also be of note for many fans is the standing of Aliotti, though I have heard that Kelly and Aliotti have worked very well together.

While this won't quell the everpresent outrage against the defensive coordinator, this is another step forward to Bellotti moving on to the AD position.