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Power Rankings: Men's Hoops Week 2

This week's power rankings are going to be a little different than last week. In fact, I've recruited a few people to help us out with these. Who are these people? Powerful people with powerful interests. Coug CenterCalifornia Golden Blogs and Building the Dam have all helped make this poll more than my own ramblings. There was just one problem with the poll this week...I forgot to vote. Remember kids, if you don't vote, you can't complain about the outcome. There may even be a LARP in the group somewhere. Nevertheless, I give you this week's power rankings for Men's Hoops.

UCLA remains at the top spot and Oregon remains at the bottom. Check out the rankings after the jump.


Rank (lw) Votes Team Conf Overall Comments
1 (1) 43 UCLA 3-0 13-2 The Bruins remaing at the top spot surprised me. The only game this week for UCLA was at USC and they won 64-60. A win is a win, even if USC collapsed in the final 5 minutes. We'll find out more about the Bruins this week as they play the Arizona schools.
2 (2) 39 California 4-0 15-2 What can you say about Cal? They just keep winning basketball games. The Bears are up to 9 in a row with wins against Wazzu and a gutsy 3OT win against Washington in Seattle.
3 (3) 38 Arizona State
Arizona State demolished the Oregon schools, giving up only 38 points to the Beavers and helping to send Oregon to an 0-4 start in the Pac-10. The Devils hit the road next to play USC, UCLA and Arizona.
4 (4) 28 Washington
2-1 11-4
The Huskies went 1-1 in their games against Stanford and Cal. Both games were tight, beating Stanford by 1 and finally falling to Cal in triple OT.
5 (5) 23 USC 1-2 10-5 USC had the win against UCLA last week but let it all slip away. The Arizona schools are up next and should prove whether the Trojans are pretenders or contenders.
6 (7) 18 Arizona 2-2 11-5 Even though Arizona lost their first 2 games in the Pac-10, the Wildcats rebounded nicely against the Oregon schools. The road gets tougher as they travel to Southern California to face the Trojans and Bruins.
7 (6) 17 Stanford 1-3 11-3 I think Stanford is a lot better than what this ranking gives to them. They did lose twice this week to the Washington a combined 2 points. That isn't a typo. Cal comes to town next week and the Cardinal are catching them at a bad time.
8 (9) 14 Washington St.
1-2 6-6 The Cougars got on the board in the Pac-10 this week with their 1 point win against Stanford. They also had a respectable showing against Cal. Nothing like a trip to the Oregon schools to cure what ails you.
9 (8) 5 Oregon St. 1-3 6-8 The Beavers lost by 31 to Arizona State and 17 to Arizona. At least Craig Robinson and crew have done something Oregon hasn't been able to a Pac-10 game. The question comes, can Coach Rob recapture the magic of Gill when the Washington schools come to town?
10 (10) 0 Oregon 0-4 6-10 Tajuan Porter and Joevan Catron get benched by Ernie for the second half of the Arizona State game. TP was shown talking back to the coaches a bit during the game because of a hustle play. Are the wheels starting to come off?