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Morning Quack Fix: 1.12.09

Hello everyone. With the end of college football season, we here at ATQ are going to be restarting our daily link and comment thread. This will be a place to get your early Duck news, and more important, comment on these events. Let's start it off:

  • The Lady Ducks joined the Men's team by losing to ASU over the weekend, an 81-53 blowout. Oregon scored a measly 20 points in the first half, turning the ball over 16 times in the half and 24 times on the game.
  • In terms of the Men's Basketball team, there isn't much to say. The team is looking very terrible right now, and both Catron and Porter were benched in the second half due to poor play. If you haven't already, check out the article written yesterday on this subject by our very own dvieria.
  • On the football front, Schroeder looks back on the season, and with the way the basketball team is playing, it's a very good thing we have those memories. A great point that Schroeder makes is that this team grew up in front of us, as the season progressed, which is part of what made it special. We had a great group of seniors, and a bunch of younger guys improved mightily.
  • On the recruiting front, the Duck had a huge recruiting weekend. Not a lot of tangible results yet, though 3* LB Michael Clay will be making a decision tomorrow, and it sounds as if the Ducks will be the choice. RB Cameron Marshall also made a visit (his final overall), though he has no preference at this time. We're all waiting on DB Cliff Harris, though no word yet on his visit. UPDATE Harris loved his trip to Oregon, and he "can't see himself going anywhere else."
  • Lastly, it sounds as it Pat Kilkenny is trying to move the Civil War to a Thursday night in December (the week after Thanksgiving). This has a lot of Duck fans and Beaver fans upset. Normally, I don't like Thursday night football. In fact, I loathe it. Saturdays are for college football. However, being the week after Thanksgiving and on a Thursday night would be just fine with me. I hate football on Thanksgiving weekend, only because there are many people that are with family, and don't get a chance to watch much football. On top of this, college football after Thanksgiving takes a different turn. It is not as much centered around Saturdays, with the weather changing and Christmas starting to take center stage. The last Saturday of the season is always a bit lackluster. Because of this, I like the idea of Thursday night games at this time. It will give the universities more exposure (rather than competing with other championship games), and more people will most likely be able to watch it than the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I say keep Oregon football away from Thanksgiving. If that just happens to push it to a Thursday, so be it.
  • Also, everyone hates the BCS. Even the guys at SNL:

If you see any links worthwile, or just want to comment, leave em below! GO DUCKS!