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Morning Quack Fix: 1.16.09

Another day, another loss for the men's basketball team. The Ducks have seemed to stay with many teams for parts of games, but just can't put together a whole 40 minutes. On to your morning links.

  • In good news, the Lady Ducks beat the Huskies in Seattle, moving to 3-2 in the Pac-10.
  • It sounds as if next year's Civil War will take place on Dec 3rd, during "dead week," much to the chagrin of many faculty members. Frohnmayer also talked a lot about the importance of philanthropy to the growth of the school. 
  • John Hunt's piece this morning talks about the basketball team, and how the mistakes come in bunches, and knocked Oregon out of yet another game. It seems to me as if there is no leader to take over during these times. The older players are affected by setbacks just as badly as the freshman are. Someone has to step up, because right now, no one is.
  • Husky Isaiah Thomas dissed the "Pit Crew"after the game. I can't really blame the Pit Crew. It must be soul sucking watching this team play twice a week.
  • In Moseley's morning notebook, he reports that Jairus Byrd is leaving the door open to return, and has 72 hours to withdraw his name from the draft if he so decides. At this point, I'd say that there's a good chance Byrd will return. He won't be a first day pick if he goes. His stock could definitely improve with one more year, especially if Oregon gets a decent free safety to back him up next season.
  • Moseley also notes that Tee Martin interviewed as a receivers coach, and that he is awaiting an offer.

As always, post any links as you see them, and leave any opinions. GO DUCKS!